Addendum #48- Full-Length Film: Joseph Smith, The Prophet of the Restoration (09:03-10:10)

joseph smith profile 1.6

ADDENDUM:  Although the film dramatizes the impact that Joseph’s telling of the first vision had both personally on his relationship with one particular minister, as well as on his family with the greater community surrounding their family, as FAIR acknowledges, there is no documentation that the first vision was related to anyone until 1827, 7 years after it was said to have occurred.  While the account that Joseph related years later can be taken at face value as historical, full disclosure of this lack of parallel evidence is needed.  Additionally, numerous accounts demonstrate that Joseph’s initial treasure-seeking endeavors focused on the finding of the gold plates without any telling of the first vision and that his efforts were initially devoid of any religious intent, which later increasingly grew with time.  Members of the church can choose to have faith in the first vision and its impact on the community as related by Joseph, but the telling of the story should include the full historical record, to contextualize the account and facilitate the  choice to exercise faith and believe that the vision occurred as is claimed.

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