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Creating a personal profile on Meat After Milk demonstrates your public support for the recall and addendum of misleading church educational materials.

If you would like to submit a profile to be posted on our website, please email your information to using the following format: first name, some brief biographical information that humanizes you and identifies your connection to Mormonism–your hobbies, talents, interests, employment, vocation and, particularly, your church service–and a personal statement about how you discovered controversies in church history and how learning them has affected you and your faith.  If you feel comfortable doing so, we encourage you to add a brief statement as to what extent you retain your Mormon heritage, what Mormonism means to you, and how you have reconciled your beliefs with recorded history.

Your profile should capture your thoughts, but be concise. Approximately 500 words, or less, is sufficient. It should end with the statement, “I believe we should be honest about our history.” Please attach several photos (at least 965 pixels wide). Short videos explaining your feelings about the ordination of women are also encouraged and can be uploaded by sending us a link to your Youtube or Vimeo video.

We are not soliciting, nor do we support, diatribes against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We encourage thoughtful submissions on what open dialogue, transparency, and honesty about our history would mean to you personally and/or for the Church.  We welcome those who are faithful Mormons, those who left the church for doctrinal (or other) issues, those who might return to the Church but for historical (or other) issues, those of other latter-day denominations, never members who care deeply about the Church and its members, or anyone concerned about how religious non-disclosure of history affects individuals. Please note that all profiles will be edited for content and style.

Reactions from local Church leaders are impossible to predict or to control. We are unable to know how your local leaders will react. You should carefully weigh the personal consequences you might face and take them into account before submitting a profile to the Meat After Milk website. Your profile can be removed, however, if it becomes problematic for you to have it up. Your full name and contact information will be kept completely confidential.

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