What We Want

1.  We want all educational church materials that conceal or partially disclose facts about church history (past and present) to be recalled and addended.
2.  We want all future materials to relate complete factual history.
3.  We want to create a compilation library of suggested addenda and stories of the impact of partially disclosed church history on the lives of current and former church members.
4. We want the compiled library of addenda to church materials to be searchable by both topic and reference.
5. We want to increase awareness of the current historical discrepancies that are still taught in the church’s curriculum.
6.  We want to bring public attention to the growing number of faithful and former Mormons whose lives have been significantly effected by historical non-disclosure and the current grass-root efforts inside the church to enact change.
 7. We want our church leaders to attentively hear and consider the impact that prior partial disclosure of information has had on thousands of church members and then incorporate this compilation of suggested addenda into the audio, visual, and print materials that they produce for mass distribution.
8.  Above all, we want transparency and full disclosure.

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