“I was able to… be re-born”

Impact:  I hadn’t even been looking at so called ‘anti-mormon’ stuff before my ‘awakening’, but simply wanted answers to temple symbolism and the meaning of the endowment. God showed me those answers, but from there on out, it became a faith transition. I would say I have moved thru Mormonism, or maybe even beyond it in some degrees, where the church was a starting point for my life and existence, but after being ‘awakened’ (as the endowment teaches) I was able to crush my ego (as in the temple) and be re-born, spiritually, a new celestial creature. Now the historical issues are just that; historical and not part of my life. They don’t affect my future, but they helped me progress. And as long as Mormonism is progressing, although it is very slow, then we have hope. We lose patience though and it is very difficult to navigate when the waters remain muddy for so long.

Name: Jared

Date:  15 Jul 2014

Impact Topic: Temple

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