“Historians… want to tell the truth.”

Impact:  I am a born in the covenant, life long member, in fact my family on both sides goes all the way back to Kirtland Ohio. My father was a seminary and institute teacher and Stake Patriarch. I was the youngest of five kids, and the obedient one, who didn’t like confrontation. So I did all the things you were suppose to do. Graduated from seminary, served a mission, graduated from Institute (even thought of becoming a seminary teacher at one time, like the idea of having summers off), married a good Mormon girl in the temple, had four children, baptized them all, and worked my way up to a High Priest. My whole life revolved around the church. As the Internet became more pervasive, I started venturing looking at so-called “anti-Mormon” information or what others might call “LDS History Porn.” This research started to raise a lot of questions and raise old questions from the past that that I had just been placed on the proverbial “shelf.” The “light bulb” finally turn on for me when I read about a quote by Boyd K. Packer, where in essence he says the problem with historians is they want to tell the truth, regardless whether it is uplifting or not. When I read that quote the whole “shelf” completely collapsed. All of this stuff I had been shelving for years came gushing forth, it all made sense. The church has been lying to me and everyone else, about its history, because if they told the true history it would not be uplifting; therefore it is okay to lie. It was then I realized that the LDS church itself would not qualify for it’s own temple recommend, because it would fail the questions “Are you honest in your dealings with your fellow men?” Although we all know the Church will still get a temple recommend because they would just tell another lie so they could get their recommend.

Name: Keith

Date: 15 Jul 2014

Impact Topic: Cover up and Excommunications

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