“The lengths I saw some go…”

Impact: I am a BYU graduate, temple married, 20- something who has served as Relief Society president and Young Women adviser among other callings. My husband is a very traditional believer and my crisis of faith put our marriage in a tough spot for awhile. I feel extremely fortunate that our marriage is holding strong because I know this is not always the case when a spouse looses belief in the church.  Church historical issues was a lot to take in, but I may have been able to reconcile if I didn’t feel lied to and manipulated by the church. The fact that I couldn’t even have an informed conversation with those who were supposed to be a source of spiritual support (i.e. Bishop, RS pres, etc.) was the tipping point. As well, the lengths I saw some go to rationalize or dismiss just about anything did me in. (i.e. Joseph smith had wives who had living husbands. No he didn’t! Confirm information. It dosnt matter! End of discussion.)

Name: Anonymous

Date: 15 Jul 2014

Impact Topic: Polygamy

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