“I would lose my entire world”

Impact: I learned while dating in my single years, that if the person you are dating doesn’t want you to talk to opposing sources, it is because they have something to hide. So after years of humming and hawing over it, I decided to take a peek, and found out its the same thing on a grander scale here. The hardest part for me isn’t what they did to me as far as lying or the history(which sucks, don’t get me wrong) but the fact that if I were to openly come out about it, I would lose my entire world as I know it and my daughter would be indoctrinated against me by ‘well meaning’ individuals. As myself, I will never be good enough or worthy because of the indoctrination of everyone on my life. THAT is what sucks to me.

Name: Elizabeth

Date: 15 Jul 2014

Impact Topic: General

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