“My good name, nature, obedience, and faith… has been abused”

Impact: Someone told me the Book of Abraham was a fraud. I called them a liar and went to LDS.org to dispel the information they gave me about it.

I felt the blood drain out of me when, after a search, I found confirmation of what the ‘anti’ mormon had said was truth.

Literally, my entire life changed right there. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t eat. I felt sick. I couldn’t work. I delved deeply into church historical records to try and get rid of my sudden ‘doubt’ about what has been taught to me. I had fill that sudden, explosion in the dam that was my faith in Joseph Smith as a prophet and as an honest man.

The next thing I discovered was that South Park teaches more truths about Joseph Smith than the church. And then I discovered Joseph’s wifes. My testimony in Joseph died right there, along with my belief that the LDS church is led by honest men.

I continued learning. The rabbit hole is deep and the church is a cesspit.

My childhood, my life has been stolen by deceitful men – from the past and and present. I have been used. My good name, my good nature, and my obedience and faith in God has been abused.

Now I’m a middle-aged woman, with no identity. I’m completely broken. The LDS church has stolen my childhood and youth. They have ruined my life, and ruined my trust in God. They have taken the very best of it and given nothing but lies and deceit back.

I hope, those men who have denied me my agency, and who would have me deny my children’s agency by continuing perpetuating myths, are held accountable one day soon.

Impact Topic: The Book of Abraham

Name: Jen

Date:  14 Jul 2014

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